6 ideas to take away from a flower festival to use at home

Flower festivals are a great place to pick up ideas to add a twist to how you arrange flowers to enjoy at home.  Recently I visited a flower festival at St. Mary’s Church in Chartham – which showcased the talents of local flower arrangers. Monies raised were donated to the Pilgrims Hospice here in Kent.

I came away with six ideas which I hope will inspire you to get creative at home.

Over the summer months you’ll find flower festivals taking place at venues all across the UK. They’re a great destination for a summer’s afternoon.  If you’re not sure what to expect when you visit, check out this blog post.

Group colours together

A really simple way to arrange your next bunch of mixed bunch of flowers is to divide it into smaller groups according to colour.  That way you’ll create more impact – ending up with three or four vases that you can group together, or dot around at home.

ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home
ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home

Make a vase out of a plastic drinks bottle

You might not always have a water tight vase to hand.  So how about raiding your recycling and using an old drinks bottle instead?  You could either use it as a bud vase – or cut away the top and use is as a more conventional vase.

You can either use your bottle as it comes – even keeping the label on, if it looks attractive.  Alternatively, soak it off and upcycle your bottle by lining it with colourful paper. You’ll need to tuck a second bottle inside so your flowers can drink, but your paper doesn’t get wet.

Recycle a tissue box to use as a vase

On the recycling theme have you ever thought about using a pretty cardboard tissue box as a vase?  Once you’ve used all your tissue put a jam jar of water into it and arrange your flowers.

ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home
ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home

Craft a letter to hang on your wall

Having flowers at home doesn’t mean restricting yourself to placing your stems in water. You could embrace your creative side and add flowers to your initial to display on your wall.

All you need to complete this project is:

  1. Several pieces of twig, grape vine or similar
  2. Hot glue gun and/or bind wire
  3. Flowers (or other materials) that will dry, or won’t decay over time
  4. String to hang

The most difficult part of this project is placing your twigs together to form an easily recognisable initial.  Once you’re happy with your placement use your hot glue gun to hold your stems in place.  Or tie them together using bind wire.

Depending on what you decide to decorate your letter with attach your materials using more glue, or wrap them onto your base using wire.  You decide how dense, or sparsely to add your materials to get a look you’re pleased with.

Check out this video and watch how I created my own letter J.

Make a fairy using poppy seed heads

Using poppy seed heads to create fairies is a get project to share with young children.  You could use them for a fairy-themed birthday party, or to decorate your tree at Christmas.

For this project you’ll need:

  1. Poppy seed heads
  2. Paper doily (and circles of floaty fabric – optional)
  3. A pair of leaves
  4. Pipe cleaner
  5. Glue

To make your own fairy you’ll need to cut into the centre of your doily from the outside edge, and repeat with your fabric, if your fairy is going to have a dress with layers.

Place your poppy head into the centre of your doily and gather it around your poppy stems.

Fasten it in place using a length of pipe cleaner – fashioned the excess into your fairy’s arms

Glue two leaf wings to the back of your fairy.

Get your spray paint out

Be bold and get your spray paint out.  Highlight occasion leaves with a spritz of paint.  You can apply it as solid colour to each leaf on your stem, or pick out leaves at random. Alterntaively, apply heavy or light coverage to occasional leaves.

Display your leaves on their natural stems en-masse in a vase – or mix them with additional flowers and greenery for a fuller look.

ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home
ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas – if you decide to give them a go I’d love to hear how you get on – leave me a comment in the box below.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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ideas to takeaway from a flower festival to use at home
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2 thoughts on “6 ideas to take away from a flower festival to use at home

  1. Dear Julie
    I have just stumbled on your wonderful 6 ideas to take away from a flower festival. I did see you briefly at the flower festival but am now retired and have a bit more free time!! I’d love to know more about what you are doing and your creations.
    I’ll fill in the section below and look forward to hearing from you.
    Dee, Chartham

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